I was going to write a post about a lesson I learned at school today, but as I started it felt trite and contrived. I deleted it and am now writing this instead. The thing about always writing is that I tend to feel like everything I do blends together, and then there I am sitting alone over my laptop for hours and hours thinking about the same three topics. The good news about this is that I feel like an expert in those three things.

Sometimes I need a break though, and I usually end up watching brainless TV on Hulu for hours at end. (Full disclosure: The Secret Life of the American Teenager is on as I’m writing this.) This is not a good break. I realize this. TV addiction became my replacement for pleasure reading. I spent fall and winter feeling guilty about reading when it wasn’t for school, but today I’m taking a stand.

I will feel comfortable reading my new issue of Vanity Fair that came in the mail today (another disclosure: it’s been a lifelong dream of mine to have my own magazine subscription, and I got VF and Vogue as Valentine’s Day presents. Best BF ever.). I will go to Barnes & Noble and buy books in print while I still can, and I will read them over coffee and scones in my favorite bakery, and I will read over a glass of wine at night, and I will read while taking a bubble bath. And after all this reading, maybe I’ll have enough new ideas that I can start thinking about more than three things.