The classic question remains: which is better, the book or movie version? I’m prone to say that the book almost always is. There’s something about a movie that ruins the imagination, or at least my imagined version of books. There is one notable exception, though, which is Fight Club. The visuals that made the movie made the book come to life in a way that I really just couldn’t see in my head.

The rest tend to pale in comparison to their paperback counterparts. Here is a list of the movies that most disappointed me:

1. Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (this, I hope, needs no explanation)

2. My Sister’s Keeper, written by Jodi Picoult (they changed the ending, ruining everything)

3. I Am Legend (this is the boyfriend’s pick)

4. Sherlock Holmes (liked the movie, but they tamed it down too much)

5. The Beach (the whole video game hallucination bit was much more readable than watchable)

In just a bit, I’m off to see Jane Eyre, a book I didn’t actually love. The movie, however, looks great. We’ll see. Also, I’m reading Water for Elephants and plan to see it when it opens. Updates to follow about these next two examples.