Following is a list of awkward occurrences that could be written into what would perhaps be a delightful, “Thank God that wasn’t me” reading experience.

The Breakup: Pro/Con lists, an obsession with concrete and some light stalking all feature in this tale of love lost.

Crash: That time I got hit by a car and the laughably poor medical treatment received. Followed by a case of mono.

The Hangover: My 17th birthday on which I contracted alcohol poisoning. Was punished by a televangelist.

I realize that I promised five of these stories in my last post, but frankly, I couldn’t think of anymore that immediately struck me with a matching movie title. So three it will have to be. If you tell me which one you want, I’ll treat you to one of these gems soon.

In unrelated news, I’ve begun the process of looking for “real” jobs for after graduation. I am extremely nervous and hopeful. I hated my job before I went to school, and I really want to work somewhere that will interest and challenge me. Not only that, but I’m just so ready to get up at the same time every morning and actually have somewhere to go. I forgot how little people who study a lot interact with the rest of the world. It’s just tiring.

Final thought: It’s Good Friday, and it’s gray and rainy. This seems appropriate. I hope it’s sunny on Sunday.