I’ve been remiss with posting. I meant to a week ago but was suddenly and viciously plagued by a cold and allergies, leaving me a congested, drowsy mess for several days.  I’m mostly better now, for which I am most grateful.

I bet you thought I was never going to follow through on my Jane Eyre and Water for Elephants book and movie comparisons. Jane surprised me, because I’m not a fan of the book particularly, but I thought it surpassed the movie. This was the most tamed-down version I’ve seen. They took out all the awesomely creepy Gothic stuff and downplayed the totally inappropriate nature of Jane and Rochester’s relationship. Tame would be the word for this film. Water for Elephants changed in no real significant way from the book, save for one thing, which sent the movie version soaring for me. I had feared that there was going to be a The Notebook style plot structure (because that’s how the book rolled), but they took out most of the old people scenes and merely opened and closed the rest of the story with it. Greatly preferable to me.

Another thing that has been consuming my time lately is putting the final tweaks on my thesis. I think it’s going to be pretty good, and maybe I’ll post it here when I’m done. That’d be a heck of a long blog post though… perhaps a link to a PDF version? We’ll see. Regardless, people are going to start reading it soon, and while I’m fine with strangers reacting, I’m so nervous about how people who actually know me will respond. Graciously (this is a teaser word, btw), I can only hope.

Looking for jobs is hard. I’m still hoping for a good one. Fingers and another lucky appendages crossed.