Last weekend, I turned 25. Some of my friends have met that number with trepidation, but to me, it’s the perfect number to be a jeans and pearls girl. My mom even bought me a pair of pearl earrings as a gift. Fortuitous, I’d say.

I’ve always remembered my life by the age I was rather than the year things took place. My birthday marks the start of the new year for me, not Jan. 1. Call me vain, but my year centers around my day. In the spirit of having reached an age where I can no longer call myself anything other than an adult, and considering my woeful lack of blog entries recently, I’ve decided to make a resolution list.

25 for 25:

1. Blog more consistently (this is not truly my top priority this year, but I have to consider my audience).

2. Try new recipes.

3. Be nice to strangers.

4. Tone my triceps and abs.

5. Read more kinds of books.

6. Keep my home clean (I do this already for the most part. Just a good reminder.)

7. Don’t let winter defeat me.

8. Learn to give myself a salon-quality pedicure.

9. Take more pictures (Boyfriend being a photog does not excuse me from self-documenting).

10. Always be polite.

11. Let those I love know it (often and loudly).

12. Stick to my convictions.

13. Answer my phone more.

14. Continue to be creative.

15. Never stop insisting on good grammar.

16. Be grateful.

17. Go shopping with purpose (not just because I feel the need to spend money).

18. Keep learning new things.

19. Get a full-time job I actually enjoy (praying this happens SO soon).

20. Save money & give it away (It’s not all about what I want right now).

21. Stay happy (and consistent with the vitamins!).

22. Appreciate the sun while it’s out.

23. Seek out & remember proverbs & quotes for all occasions.

24. Set goals (no drifting through life).

25. Maintain my spirit & style no matter what (if Kate & Audrey H. can do it, so can I).