I’ve been avoiding writing here recently, because I’ve frankly been feeling negative about a lot of things. I hate being one of those people who complains a lot, and even when complaints are legit, I don’t like acknowledging them. I’m more of the persuasion of hiding until it goes away. That mentality probably leaves me more like an ostrich (head in the sand; ass in the air) than I’d care to admit. So, in the spirit of honesty and problem solving, here’s what’s up:

  • Still don’t have a job. Yes, I’m freelancing, and yes, I love reading books for money. However, it’s very little money, and I have bills. Also, I barely ever have a reason to leave my apartment, not to mention interact with other people. It’s boring, and I’m poor. I want a full-time job that will be a positive, challenging position to grow in.
  • Don’t have friends. Granted, if you’re reading this, you probably consider yourself my friend. But let’s ask ourselves a couple questions here? Do you live in Chicago? If yes, have we hung out in the last 10 days. Except for 2 people, the answer to both of these questions is no, and that makes me sad. I’m tired of making friends to have them move or to move myself. This is another reason why I would like a job.
There are other issues, but I think they really fall into these two issues primarily. That and an overwhelming sense of boredom that I can’t seem to shake. I’ve been trying to develop positive habits. Done some pilates, ridden my bike around, tried to figure out what the big deal is over Mad Men (still don’t get it), and come up with another writing project. These are good things, but I can only stay in my house stretching, writing and watching TV for so long.
I’m going crazy. Please, employer, hire me this week. I’m awesome, and you won’t regret it.