It’s been my experience that the things I’m most concerned about have a way of coming together at the last possible moment. By the last possible moment, I mean that point right between recurring panic attacks and giving up completely. Need to ship a bed across the country? Sure, the movers can pick it up at 5:15 the day you’re supposed to be moved out of your apartment… by 5.

That may seem like an insignificant example (except to those of you who know how passionate I am about my bed), but it kind of proves the point. Countless things in my life have seemed to be on a major time crunch, and despite all my best efforts, the right thing usually doesn’t come into place until the very last minute. I suppose if I were a sports-interested person, I could say my life often feels like being down for an entire game but winning suddenly with an unbelievable touchdown in the last 4 seconds of the game.

One of my most difficult life lessons has been to learn to trust that life tends to unfold as it should. Now, this doesn’t mean I can avoid being proactive and just sit around thinking, “Oh, hmm, wonder when my sh*t’s gonna pull itself together?” That would be lazy, and I have to think that those who do nothing probably receive little. I’m talking more about doing everything I possibly can, and instead of getting discouraged when the first thing isn’t exactly what I hoped, move onto the next. And the next ad infinitum until something finally pulls together. Because if I’m trying hard, the one thing that works is the thing that’s probably supposed to be.

So for now, I’m trying and waiting and hoping for the right thing to finally show up.