Weezer is awesome live. As good or better than their records. And as I watched them play at a private concert last night (it’s ok to be jealous; I would be), I remembered how much I love seeing live music. Since I moved to Chicago, I have gone to exactly zero other concerts, a number that is dismally out of proportion to concerts seen in other cities I’ve lived.

The thing is, I didn’t realize I missed it until I experienced it again. So I started thinking about other things I used to do a lot that made me feel great. A short list soon emerged:

1. Yoga. Flexible, centered, calm, toned. Why would I stop doing that?

2. Experiencing nature. Whenever it happens, I just feel better about life.

3. Seeing a different friend every night of the week. Although this week, I think I’ll hit 3 in a row. Pretty good.

4. Feeling like part of a community. Not quite an island right now; more like part of an archipelago.

5. Having a pet. Even my fish Paintbucket, who liked to pretend to be dead…

6. Spontaneity. Want to go watch ski joring? Why not. Swim out to an island for a treasure hunt? Sure.

And looking at this list (including the unnumbered concert entry), I feel like none of these things are very far out of reach. It’s just so easy to get into a little routine box and not break out of it. Yes, I love my couch and reading books and walking around my neighborhood, but it isn’t enough. I’m too young to be trapped by my everyday, and frankly, I hope I still feel too young for that, even when I’m 80.

So here’s a shout out to the things that make us happy.