Remember a few days ago when I decided to make a U-turn with my whole life? I may have overdramatized things a touch. I have accepted the fact that corporate writing is definitely not for me, but that does not mean that writing, in general, isn’t. I was about to go down a throw-the-baby-out-with-the-bathwater path, and it would’ve been ugly.

I love to write when I feel like I have something to say. I have little to nothing to say about business practices, health insurance or how awesome daily deals are, so when I apply for such writing jobs, I’m pretty uninspired. Why then, have I kept doing it?

Fear, my friends, is the unfortunate answer. I realized that I’ve been scared to try for the things I really want, because I might fail. And if I fail, then it’s no longer a possibility. What an ugly way to live. Last night, I was watching the Season 2 Finale of my favorite Canadian soap, Being Erica, and the title character said this, “Fear no longer stops me from going after what I want. In fact, it motivates me.” With Erica, I had sort of an epiphany. Why should I let myself be boxed in by mediocrity when I know that I can make something really great out of my life if I just try?!

As they say, you get out of life what you put into it. I guess that means I should put what I want into my life. Not what I think people expect me to have in it or even what I “need” to have to be a real adult.

So to finish my roadtrip metaphor from last post, I’ve merged, immediately exited, and am taking a scenic route rather than remaining on a congested highway. I think the journey will get better from here.