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After I made that list of things I feel I’m good at, I tried to think of ways to incorporate them into my blog. I could tell you all about how curtains make a room, my love of skinny jeans, a funny anecdote about a person, but none of those would be a jeansandpearslgirl post. Those would be me trying to fit my interests into the mold of a decor or fashion blog, of which there are plenty, and of which this blog is not.

Instead, I’m going to take these subjects and treat them in my own way. Explore a little about what makes them something I’m passionate about. Maybe you’ll learn something about me. Maybe I’ll even learn something about me. Either way, it’s what I’m doing.

Also, it’s going to be a frequency test. One post a day for each item on my list. Be prepared for a whole lotta jeansandpearlsgirl. Hope you love it!