Casual chic. If this were a fashion blog, that would be my subhead. I’m stubbornly casual, but I was also a debutante, so you know I always have to have a dash of fancy in my wardrobe. I suppose I inherit this style perspective from my parents. Exhibit A: a father comfortable pairing bow ties, cashmere, board shorts and bare feet into one look. Exhibit B: a mother at whose side I eagerly shopped the racks at Saks before going home for a snack of chips and Amstel Light (Ovaltine for me!) on the kitchen floor.

The comfortable union of high and low has always dictated my style. A perfect outfit would be black skinny jeans, a white v-neck and bright jewelry and pumps. The heels, of course, I kick off as soon as I get to any destination. I left a party early a couple weeks ago just because I couldn’t stand being in my heels anymore.

You see a lot of pictures online of perfectly coiffed girls in outfits with layers and layers of details. I admire their dedication, but I just don’t have the patience for a style like that. I usually plan my outfits in the shower immediately before I’ll need them, and rare is the day I make a last-minute wardrobe change. Classic clothes with a twist offer ease, freshness and style, and I’ll stick with them until I die. Then someone else can dress me 😉