There’s that saying in the theatre, “There are no small parts; only small actors.” I like to think the same is true in life. As I’ve been trying to find my way to a full-time job and a niche in the wide world of writers, I have to live in the now (for the most part).

Working retail is by no means a glamorous or meaningful job. Sure, it’s great when I can steer someone in the direction of an outfit that makes them feel great about herself, but the majority of the job is upkeep. Put tried-on clothes back out, straighten racks, fold piles; rinse and repeat. It would be all too easy to grumble about it, and I’ll admit, sometimes I do, but what makes the job manageable for me is treating it as though it’s important.

I go to work and do my best at my job, and not only does it make the time go by in a faster, more enjoyable manner, it makes me feel better about my place in life. Same goes for this blog. I’m well aware that right now there are only a handful of you reading this, but I try to make each post thoughtful and interesting and at least somewhat relatable. The comments I’ve received make me confident that mattering to a small audience is worth more than just trying to get the most reads.

So for now, while I’m living in the small scale and dreaming of the large, I’m going to keep on with the attitude that what I do matters to someone, and maybe when I do get my break, that attitude will take me further than I could have expected.

How’s that for a grown-up Christmas wish?