You know those conversations we all sometimes have when the daily grind has gotten to be too much, so you say something wistful like, “Forget this! Let’s just quit and go to Europe for the summer!” Well, recently, I had one of those conversations, but instead of filing the thought away under “Things to do Hypothetically,” I booked some plane tickets.

I’m in a lucky and unusual state of life to be able to just up and leave for the summer, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized I’d probably never again have everything lined up so well for a summer of intrigue and romance (and food! SO MUCH food!). So I told my boyfriend I was serious, and he made his own arrangements, and bam. We’re leaving tomorrow.

Our trip starts in Morocco and ends in Ireland with 50 wonderful, adventurous days in the middle. I figure I’ll never regret leaving my not-quite-full-time job, but I’d always regret not traveling.

PS – Yes, I realize I haven’t posted in nearly a year, but it’s been a weird several months. I’m sorry, and it won’t happen again.

PPS – You can see pictures of the trip on my Instagram carolina_bambina

A bientôt!