Pardon the obvious Aladdin reference, but Morocco definitely fits the vibe. I’ll be honest: of everywhere we have planned to see, I was the least excited about revisiting here. I went for a few weeks in college to Casablanca and Rabat, and it was far from the best trip I’ve been on. I caught the worst cold for several days followed by even worse allergies (the fact that trash was literally being burned in the streets next to me did nothing to help that). My friend caught something I’ll just call “Death Fever,” and I basically subsisted off of potato omelets and banana smoothies.

Today finds me in Marrakech, lounging in our peaceful courtyard after a morning adventure. Following a breakfast of crepes with honey and apricot jam and (of course) instant coffee (though mint tea may have been a better choice), we set off to find our way around. The last time I visited, I had a set course of activities, locations and permissible options. Now, I can choose, and choice feels good! Want to go left? Sure. Want to spend 5 Dh on an almond pastry shoved at me by a vendor walking down the street beside me? Why not. How about a nap instead of feeling obligated to check out Tourist Destination #4? Great.

The freedom to do as I please is one that cannot be overrated. And with 7 weeks left on our trip, I’m sure glad boyfriend feels the same!

Tonight we’re off on an overnight train up to Tangier and then to see the rumored beauty of Chefchaouen. Look forward to a Moroccan picture post coming next!