It’s been a long week of travel through Spain. Both of us caught colds, which has been less than ideal, but we’ve made it into Barcelona, where we’re on our second of five nights, the longest stay we’ve had so far.

Spain has been far different than Morocco, immediately more familiar and yet still so vastly different than life in America. We began in Sevilla, where we stayed in the apartment of a nice man and his quiet dog just outside the central part of the city. Sevilla was beautiful: a perfect mix of old charm with new innovations, like the electric trams running adjacent to an old palace. We opted to forgo the bull fight once I realized that it, in fact, consists of repeated stabbings. And no, I’m not sure why I never realized that before. Tapas seemed to be the offering of choice in every restaurant we went to, and although we definitely had some delicious ones, we could have used some ordering lessons and ended up spending a large amount of our time in Sevilla feeling hungry.

We took the train to Malaga, a charming beach city on the Mediterranean coast. The instant we left the train station, I was feeling more relaxed, which was good, because our first day there was the peak day for both our colds. Malaga was a beautiful, if with a slightly worn facade, place to hang out and recuperate. We spent some time at the beach, tried some fresh fish on the boardwalk and stocked up on travel tissue packs.

Finally onto Barcelona, a six-hour train ride away. This was the first high-speed train of our Eurail pass, and I have to say, first class train travel is DEFINITELY the way to go. It was extremely comfortable and pleasant. We’ve been exploring everywhere, eating everything, and enjoying it immensely. We agree this is the best city on our journey so far, and I’m super excited to spend the next few days here.

I’m finally feeling like I’m settled into the routine of traveling–a good thing, since I’m only about 20% through the trip! I haven’t felt homesick yet, although I am sad to be missing out on some major events: sister’s engagement, BFF’s kid’s birthday, sister’s 21st!, mom’s birthday… But I’m sure what I take away from this adventure will make up for those losses, and I’m sure those people I love won’t mind my absence, as long as they know I’m bringing back gifts 😉

Buenos Noches