Today marked the end of our time in Spain and the beginning of our journey into France. You always hear remarks about how much the French smoke, but OMG, how the French smoke! For someone such as myself who has seasonal allergies, traveling through the late spring to early summer is hazardous enough. Toss a few thousand French people sucking down smoke like it’s their jobs, and you send me into overdrive.

Add to this all a cat and a very, very small apartment shared with a friendly but quite odd woman, and you have boyfriend and I, tucked away in a pint-sized bedroom, sniffling and listening to traffic with the terrace door open. (Yes, there is a lovely terrace. Yes, I am traveling through France and eating pastries left and right. Yes, I realize how fortunate I am. But! it is my blog, and I can complain about allergies if I want!)

We were on the train for several more hours today, and I have to say, as a writer, I think a train would make a great workspace. It’s a setting that provides enough stimulation to keep the mind fresh, but it is so confined that I would have to actually get to work. Great scenery, a dining car… I don’t think Amtrak would do quite the same trick for me, so alas, perhaps I’m fated to a desk.

And now, time to attempt to sleep before an exciting day filled with laundry and a boat ride to see the Chateau d’If. Bonus points if you know why we’d care about seeing it 🙂