Happy Independence Day, fellow Americans! I’m celebrating this year by enjoying a pint and some sightseeing in the very land we fought so hard to free ourselves from, so I thought I’d compile a short list of things I love about the good ol’ USofA.

1. Smoking bans – The number of people smoking at any given time in Europe is immense and disgusting. The damage done to my throat and lungs is something I don’t even want to think about, and for that reason, I love the clear air of my native land.

2. Target – Sometimes, I need to buy allergy medicine, stuff for dinner, a hair tie and Kleenex all at once. To be able to make a single purchase at one low price is awesome.

3. Top sheets – I like something between me and the comforter. Call me spoiled, but it’s true, and I think most of you Yanks would agree!

4. Scarce cobblestone – As I’ve previously mentioned, cobblestone is a pain to roll things over and to walk on, generally. Old places (read: Europe) have an abundance. So here’s to smooth sidewalks.

5. Orderly lines – When a queue forms, I know to stand between the people in front of and behind me and to wait my turn. Seems simple, but I’ve encountered an abundance of pushiness. I used to play basketball, so I know how to throw some elbows, but it really shouldn’t come down to that.

And now, just to be fair, something European that makes much more sense than the American way: including tax in the listed price of things. “Oh, that’s €20? Okay, here’s €20!” It is SO reasonable!

Enjoy those fireworks, friends! Cheers!