When traveling, one takes many, many photos. And sometimes, after returning home and resuming routine, those photos get lost in the archives of one’s laptop. But not today! Today, I present one picture from each city of our European adventure:ImageMarrakech: Land of cobras and monkeys and aggressive vendors and beautiful rooftop and courtyard oases in the midst of all that craziness.ImageChefchaouen: “The Blue City” tucked away in the Moroccan mountains, full of charm, lots and lots of stairs.ImageSeville: Tapas, ancient castles, churros, remarkably good public transportation.ImageMalaga: Our little jaunt to the beach. Our flat was very easy to find, due to all the ivy.ImageBarcelona: My favorite! What else to say, except you absolutely must go there. Seriously.ImageMarseille: Home of artisinal soap, world-renowned street artist JR, and wild succulents.ImageNice: Truly lovely Mediterranean waterfront. (We only stayed a night, and I spent most of it in bed hopped up on French painkillers. But it seemed great.)ImageVentemiglia: Our first Italian city! Best gnocchi EVER.ImageFlorence: So much history, so many roofs. Ponte vecchio, vino…what more could you want?ImageNaples: Absolutely terrible save this one fairly cool stop on their Metro system.ImagePositano: Most beautiful place. Period. Best seafood. Period. ImageRome: Oh, how many ancient things! And what heat!ImageParis: What can I say, it lit me up. Loved it.ImageBrugge: Medieval canal town. They have beer there that tastes like a cherry Jolly Rancher! Drink it!ImageAmsterdam: Would have been easy just to stay forever. Bikes galore, flowers galore, good sushi, good vibes.ImageLondon: Hey! We just got engaged!ImageDublin: Can’t beat that foggy green beauty and the local beverages.

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, this is my longest post ever!