Creativity and location are inextricably linked for me. I’m always at my most inspired when I’m somewhere that feels good to me. As anyone who’s worked in an office can attest, the ideas that refuse to come while in the cube flow freely on the patio of a coffee shop.

For the last year, I lived in borrowed space. It was comfortable, certainly, but it wasn’t my own. I couldn’t help but feel something was being stifled inside me, and it seemed related to my lack of ownership of my surroundings.

I’ve just moved into a new little place, where the first thing I did was create a space all of my own. It’s a simple reading nook (gotta love a built in bookshelf!), and I’ve filled the shelves with pictures of people I love and places I’ve been. There’s a yummy smelling candle, my music player, a fancy magazine holder and, of course, my favorite books. I’ve sat there reading every night, taking more in than I have in months, all while fueling my own creative urges.

So now that we finally have internet set up, I’m writing to say that EM Forster and Virginia Woolf knew what they were talking about (not that there was a real concern they didn’t). Back to my nook and back to the creative process.