Some days just aren’t really worth blogging about. I haven’t been seized with an insight, nor has anything exciting happened in my life. Some summertime days just pass us by in a haze of hot weather, cool drinks and not too much else. And that’s fine. I’m a firm believer that summer is a time to reset life, hit pause and figure out a focus for what’s ahead. But these drifting days don’t make for the most compelling posts. So that’s what lists are for! Everyone on the Internet enjoys a good list, so here’s mine. A favorite for each letter of the alphabet. 🙂

A- Adam, obviously. That’s husband to those of you who may be reading this and not actually know me personally.

B- books. My favorite way to explore other worlds. I can lose myself in a book, anytime, anywhere.

C- coloring. A pretty and productive mindless stress-reliever. I enjoy the precision required to stay within the lines, when I spend so much of my life figuratively outside them.

D- stands for itself. Such a simple letter belonging to such a wonderful friend. Thanks for saving me in gym class at age 13 and for so many things for so many years after. 

E- emerald. I am obsessed with my engagement ring and its emerald center stone.

F- food. I can find a food for any situation. I’m definitely an “eat my feelings” type of girl, and I love it.

G- growth. That feeling of looking back and seeing how far I’ve come. Also includes bad haircuts, my wheatgrass & basil plants and my sister’s pregnant belly.

H- home. I’ve written before about the imporatance of having a place of one’s own, and I love mine. Even when the world goes to shit, you can always come home.

I- independence. I’m grateful that I’m  not afraid to strike out on my own. 

J- Julia, my sweet sister; how much more boring would my childhood have been without you pesetering me.

K- kitten videos on YouTube. I feel this needs no explanation.

L- lilacs. My favorite, best-smelling flower.

M- mom. Really, what would any of us do without our mothers?

N- naps. Husband is not a fan, but any day where I can hit pause in the middle and drift off for 20 minutes to 2 hours (sometimes I get really tired, ok…) is a good day by me.

O- ovaltine. More Ovaltine, please! As a kid, my mom was very strict about what I could eat, so no regular chocolate milk for me. Thus began a lifelong love affair with Ovaltine.

P- pasta. It has come alive for me in new ways since discovering the flavored pasta booth at Pike Place (anothe P favorite!). Seriously, lemon chive angel hair will change your life, but I’ve always been a sucker for carbs by the noodleful.

Q- would it be weird to say Q-tips? I legit really like Q-tips…

R- reading. This may seem to be the same as books, but it isn’t. I’ll read anything. When I was a kid, I got grounded from books and read the back of boxes of ceral out of desperation.

S- swimming. There’s nothing quite like being in the water for me. Nevermind the outstanding physical benefits; what it does for my soul is incomparable.

T- texting. This is lame and very of-the-moment of me, but I would feel a lot less connected to people I love who are nowhere near me without this gloriously simple way of communicating.

U- undies, lacy. Frilly panties are one of life’s greatest small pleasures.

V- vinyasa. Discovering vinyasa yoga literally changed my life. Namaste, people.

W- wine. Rose, white, red, sparkling. It’s in a glass, I’ll drink it, gladly.

X- XX chromosomes. I love being a girl and everything that goes along with it.

Y- yoga. Yes, I just mentioned yoga, but this summer I’ve discovered other forms, and I am learning so much about my body and becoming stronger and more grounded with each flow.

Z- zest. For life and for flavoring.