I’ve been writing a lot about home lately, so I thought I would share some little glimpses of what my home is like. That way, you can picture where I am as you read.

Vignette on our bookshelf. A few of my favorite things all gathered together.

Beside my bed. A few little treasures and a great painting I found in Santa Fe make going to sleep and waking up each morning a pleasure.

The bed aka the most glorious spot of all. Featuring our very WASPy monogrammed seersucker bedspread and also Cubby, the second most important man in my life.   

Milo! My happy little fish in his happy little home. 🙂

The kitchen: a place for everything and everything in its place. I’m so, so happy to have a place to cook again, and the cute little display shelf for my cookbooks is a great bonus.

Mimosas with a view. I love that we finally get to take advantage of all the beautiful wedding gifts we received!

Pike Place flora, cloudy Seattle skies and the Smith tower. Also pictured, the windowsill in which I sat for two weeks until we had furniture. If we’re on the phone, there’s a good chance I’m still sitting there.

And there you have it. Pieces of my home, to yours. Or wherever you are when you read blogs.