Each year for the last several years, one of my closest friends and I, for our birthdays, pick a little slogan for what the coming year will represent. That’s how this blog got its original title: The Year of Jeans & Pearls. Then it was A Hepburn Kind of Year, Style & Spirit (a title which is, admittedly, a bit longwinded). Last year began, and remained, Wild // Zen. As I woke up today, on my 29th birthday, I wondered what this year will hold.

I’m in a new city, meeting new people, turning my career another direction and trying, generally, to get to know myself better. This year I aspire to cook more, do more yoga, explore a lot, be unafraid, experiment with nail polish but let my hair be more natural. I want to keep writing, keep appreciating the sunset, tackle that elusive and desirable air of French sophistication.


pic2 pic3 pic4The Year of Oui, perhaps. Saying yes to myself and opportunity. Or maybe Nature & Nurture: a year of cultivating a free spirit and sense of home. The Year of Juxtaposition: where everything means something or perhaps nothing.

I don’t yet know what 29 will be the year of. I haven’t chatted with that dear friend yet to get my catchphrase. What I do know is that I woke up peaceful, albeit extra early, and I know that I will be looking for the joy & beauty in each of the next 365 days. So I guess that’s a good start.