I have recently acquired a whole bunch of old photos, and I enjoy them all so tremendously that I’ve decided to post some. No, it’s not #tbt, but there is certainly more than one that I want to share, so I’m doing it here. You get to make your own blog’s rules after all. 🙂 Without further ado:

Beach babe, Florida 1987. Working the bonnet and some baby cleavage.

Pool time with Granny. I think it’s critical to get kids swimming as early as possible. Glad the grownups in my babyhood agreed.

Super baby! First Halloween as a superhero, a classic choice. Dad seems pretty into it.

Turning 6 here, with all the hallmarks of the early 90s intact. As an aside, I wish I was that tan this summer.

Easter Sunday finery. I think this one really speaks for itself, and for the glory of 1991.

Another year, another Halloween. Note our gloves and my friend’s turtleneck, as is the custom of Colorado trick-or-treaters.

I remember that hat, and I remember how cool I thought it was. Not sure if the coolness holds up.

A little dad-daught time, and some overalls.

My baby sister and The Lion King made their debuts around the same time. I was pretty thrilled about both.

Just hanging out, in my loafers.