Hands down, the most difficult thing about moving was leaving behind my best friends.  I’m lucky to have a handful of people who have been by my side through everything. I knew that moving wouldn’t affect my friendships–I’ve lived all over, and my people are my people no matter what or where. But it’s been undeniably difficult to adjust to a friendship lived in texts and Drive Home Phone Calls, pictures sent and stories re-told, instead of that in-person relationship. So I was undeniably thrilled when my best friend from high school and her husband (another of my closest high school friends) came out for the weekend. What joy to be close again! To explore my new city with some of my oldest friends!

And explore we did. It was a bustling trip, full of a taste of all that makes Seattle great. It was so wonderful to hear, at the end of the weekend, my friend say that she got it. Seattle was my place. I think it’s a true kind of love that says to someone you’d like in your life on the day-to-day level that you understand and support their choice to go off far away and do things differently.

So here are some of the things we did, letting them get to know the city, and creating another layer of our friendship to look back on when we’re old (or maybe even next week when we’re back in the ho-hum routine).

Day 1: Waterfront seafood lunch, followed by the (HUGE!) EMP Museum and then dinner out. This museum was made for my friend’s husband, so it was a delight to go through and see him so thoroughly enjoying each and every exhibit.

The actual Cowardly Lion, “If I were king of the fore-e-e-est…”

A few guitars.

Chewie and friends.

The next day, we went to Pike Place for breakfast and shopped for dinner ingredients. Then we went to the Chihuly Garden, up to Fremont to see the troll, after which we frittered an afternoon away drinking cider and playing Cards Against Humanity. Our dinner was a seafood pasta with mussels, shrimp, scallops and crab, and it was delicious. The girls cooked while the guys played computer games (but husband cleaned the dishes, so it was fair).

Chihuly glass ceiling. That’s one I wouldn’t want to break…

Love the black & white graphic glass mixed into the garden.

Obvious caption is obvious: Space Needle.

Cider tasting! The third one down is a Sriracha-lime cider, and it blew me away.

Finally reunited with my love, Schilling Dry Cider.

The next morning started with brioche French toast, homemade whipped cream and berries and was followed by a sail on Elliot Bay. We got some of that famous Seattle rain, and the girls went out on the town while the guys stayed in with whisky and pizza. It’s funny how certain things seem to repeat themselves with different relationships, and we, as usual, attracted a lively and weird subset of people who turned a conversation about a delicious chocolate dessert into a heated political debate.

Glassy day on the bay.

Nothing beats best friends and sailing.

Our last day started with brunch, followed by some PNW nature. We found ourselves back in the Market for lunch. Instead of the place with 80 people in line, we got soup next door, and sat at the window people watching and listening to a truly delightful man perform with his guitar.

Forest life.

First brushstrokes of fall in the Japanese Gardens.

Husband. Kinda love him.

And then off they went, back East, into the night and back into the land of text-message friendship. And I’m sad they’re gone but more than delighted to have had them here and to have them here always, in my life.